Our annual open house

Once again, we held a scrumptious, delicious, finger-licking, fun-filled open house…Cake Day!  And the cakes were out-of-this-world awesome.

The winner?  Sweet Eats!  2 of our 6 cakes were from Sweet Eats, and those 2 cakes ruled the day.  Several people exclaimed the Vanilla Strawberry Cake was absolutely perfect because it was so fresh and not overly sweet.  It featured 3 layers of yellow cake with 1 layer of fresh cut strawberries in a strawberry glaze, and 1 layer of vanilla pudding, iced with white whipped cream and vanilla cookie crumbles.  And who doesn’t like chocolate?!  The Chocolate Silk featured 4 layers of chocolate cake and 3 layers of chocolate mousse, with a chocolate buttercream icing and dark chocolate shavings.

The Apple Cinnamon Streusel from the local Dutch Wagon Market is always in demand!  But the other entries could hardly keep up.

Folks enjoyed cake and coffee.  Conversation ranged from exotic vacation cruises to a cute little Yorkie named Ruby who had her picture on the news during the recent blizzard – she was wearing pink snow boots!  If only she’d been there to model them for us live…  And some folks even dropped off their tax paperwork so we could get started on the work.

Sweet Eats is a Voorhees bakery with a new location in Marlton at the Crispin Square Shopping Center.  They are not my client, but when you’re so good you win 1st place on Cake Day twice at the same time, you deserve a shout out!