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Happy to Help

Your year-end numbers won’t be a challenge when you let us help you year-round. Knowing your numbers is key to good decision-making (and a good night’s sleep!) Bookkeeping & accounting – your place or ours – we’re happy to help.

Tax Services

Personal & Business

Income Tax! Sales Tax! Payroll Tax! We offer tax prep services for individuals as well as businesses, including Corporations and Partnerships, LLC’s and sole proprietors. (PLUS we work with trusts and estates, too!)


Certified Proadvisor

With over 85% market share, QuickBooks® is the quintessential software for bookkeeping and accounting. But is it driving you crazy? Whether you prefer traditional QuickBooks® or QuickBooks® Online, we can help you tame the beast.

Business Consulting

That Little Push

Have a paper tiger loose in the office? Or maybe you’re on the verge of quitting the day job so you can follow your dream? We not only get you moving in the right direction, but show you how to avoid some common pitfalls, too.

Albert Einstein on Income Taxes: “This is too hard for a mathematician. It takes a philosopher.”

Your Small Business Accounting Doesn’t Have to Give You an Ulcer

So you think you own a business.

You have an office, you have employees, and you even have a separate I.D. number for filing taxes.

No, let’s try that again:  you have an office where you spend up to 60 hours a week supervising a revolving cadre of slacker employees, and you can’t wrap your head around the phantom income that you pay taxes on at the end of the year.  And despite that income, you still can’t get a loan.  Or maybe you just can’t remember when you last got your hands dirty doing the things you love most. Or maybe accounting just isn’t your thing.

If right about now you’re revving up to rehearse your favorite excuses for your sorry state of affairs, it might be better if you just stop reading.  As the saying goes: don’t fix what isn’t broken.

But if you’re tired of over-the-counter stomach remedies and you’re interested in taking action to correct mistakes and solve problems – or even spur your business on to the next level, please read on.

Yes, I’m a CPA.  Being a CPA means whatever state your numbers are in, they’ll tell me a story.  That story might be a penny dreadful, or an epic saga of overcoming odds, or a sparse little haiku.  If you’re not satisfied with the story unfolding around you, and you’re ready for help, give me a call.  If I don’t think I can help you, I’ll do my best to refer you to someone who can.

I have a strong internal efficiency drive and I love systems.  I also love progress and I especially love success.  My clients tell me I have a talent for translating IRS jargon into plain speech.  Oh – and that I’m creative, and have a quirky sense of humor.

I work largely with closely-held small to medium sized businesses whose owners have Grande Vision and Dreams of More.  My goal is always to improve efficiency in your accounting and other systems and to keep you safe from the tax tyrants while turning you into a lean, mean profit-generating machine…in other words, a business you can be proud of.

BAJones, CPA...Saving the World...One Tax Return at a Time!