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Archives for August 2015

This guy’s cousin’s neighbor’s friend said…

Beware of Tax Gossip!

So, this guy at the neighbor’s barbecue said his cousin told him about something his cousin’s friend did that saved a pile of money on taxes…Want to hear about it?

Surely we’ve all heard one like this!  And the clincher, of course, was that the guy was drinking the same brand of beer as the listener (or the person at the party with the most money,) so that makes the guy credible, right?  Wrong!  In my office, we call this “tax gossip.”

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To Blog or Not to Blog?


Well, in this day and age, the answer is easy:  Blog!  Even a numbers person, like myself, has to have a chance to work with words from time to time.

In this blog, I’ll share all sorts of scintillating tax tips and amazing accounting actions and brave bookkeeping efforts.   I’ll toss in some Tales from the Trenches, aka true stories – with names and pertinent details changed to protect the identities of both innocent and guilty alike, of course.  And book reviews:  you gotta have book reviews from time to time.  (There might even be stuff not exactly related to accounting.)

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