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For the Individual

We provide tax preparation services for individuals.

Plan ahead!  Avoid those fines and penalties.  Sometimes, life throws you something that has an unexpected tax consequence.  Marriage.  A bigger job.  A smaller house.  Exercising stock options.  Don’t wait for April 15 to find out.

“Philosophy teaches a man that he can’t take it with him; taxes teach him he can’t leave it behind either.” — Mignon McLaughlin

And it sure comes with a pile of paperwork!  We can help you sort through it all, on both the federal and state level.

Trusts generally have their own Federal ID Number…and frequently need their own tax returns, too.

For Your Business

Whether your business files Form 1120 (Corporation), Form 1120S (Sub Chapter S Corporation), Form 1065 (Partnership and LLC) or Schedule C (Sole Proprietor and Single Member LLC), we are ready to help your business run the gauntlet of tax season.

Our accounting services free up your precious resources and relieve the stress of small business accounting by managing your finances, bookkeeping, payroll and reporting for you. We will work as your partners in providing expertise and accountability that keeps your business on the right track.

We love QuickBooks®, especially QuickBooks® Online, and we have a variety of packages to help you set up, clean up, or just plain run your bookkeeping with this terrific software.

In addition to the requisite tax prep and accounting for businesses, we also offer several consulting packages which can be tailored to your needs.  We can help the new business keep abreast of unexpected tax consequences, and we can help the established business that finds itself suddenly struggling with growth issues.  Let’s talk!

If you have employees, a proper payroll platform is a must!  Don’t take chances with late filings or careless calculations.

In addition to annual income tax preparation, we help our business clients keep on top of their ongoing monthly and quarterly state sales tax filing obligations, as well as other ongoing state requirements.

“Our tax code is so long it makes ‘War and Peace’ seem breezy.” — Steven LaTourette