If you are in one of those highly mobile professions (ie, not an accountant chained to the desk,) you will love Hubdoc. Running from appointment to appointment, doing lunch after lunch, maybe even travelling… All those receipts…  Yeah, you need all those receipts! Your credit card statement won’t cut it in an audit.

Then, there’s tracking down all your statements – each bank account, each credit card. And these days, invoices come by email, too. You might even still get some in by regular snail mail.

Put it all together, and you just might have a giant mess. Hubdoc to the rescue!

Hubdoc is cloud technology. At a conference, the staff likes to tell you it’s as if your very own cute little fetching robot roams through cyberspace every night and collects all your new statements and online bills, then organizes them in a virtual filing cabinet for your review, at your leisure. You can also use their phone app to upload receipts on the go. Paper statements? Scan them in.

Once the documents arrive at in your personal processing hub, Hubdoc uses OCR (optical character recognition) to extract key information from the individual bills and receipts, and then syncs with your QBO (or other bookkeeping) software. It can even attach the original receipt or bill to its specific QBO entry. Everybody’s job just got easier!

Yes, your robot will need to be “trained,” but Hubdoc is a good company and has plenty of online videos to show you how to do pretty much everything. Or, you can outsource the set up. I am both a Hubdoc Certified Advanced Partner and QBO certified.

What do you gain? No more cataloging paper receipts! Take your client out to lunch, write a note on the contemporaneous receipt as to who and why it was for business, snap a picture, and trash the receipt. Using your credit card to buy new equipment? Just snap the receipt at the register, and then you can trash that, too. Do you buy a lot of things at Amazon? (Who doesn’t?) Hubdoc can fetch those original receipts, as well. In other words, you are audit proofing your life.

Hubdoc syncs with QBO and Xero, as well as Bill.com, Box, SmartVault, Sharefile, Peachtree, and of course, Google Drive
The future is here! Call us for more information, and to sign up. Like most of the new tech, the rates are better if you do it through someone in their partner program.